A Resource for the Church

While many resources exist to assist church leaders during the pastor search process, few are written with the average church member in mind.

As a result, church members are often left largely in the dark while the search committee goes about their work, which can lead to unnecessary frustration, suspicion, and conflict.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Church During the Search is not a training manual for Pastor Search Committees. Rather, it is designed to help church members honor Christ while they wait for their next pastor. Congregations who work through this resource will be challenged to make six commitments throughout the search process.

Designed for Small Group or Individual Study

The book is designed to be studied over the course of six weeks, with each week consisting of five daily readings that focus on one of the six commitments. It can be studied by individuals or in a small-group setting.

For those leading a group through the material, the book also includes an appendix with a list of resources, guidelines, and suggested questions. In addition, you can find teaching videos, additional discussion questions, and other resources by clicking the button below.

What Others Are Saying About The Book

What Churches Are Saying…

Check out these testimonies from church members who have read the book.

Healthy Transitions

Every church faces seasons of transition from time to time.

The Church During the Search challenges church members to commit to doing their part to ensure that the transition from their former pastor to their new pastor is a healthy one.

Where to Buy The Book

The Church During the Search is now available from all major online booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.), but you can also purchase it at a discount from this website. Click below for deeper discounts on bulk orders as well.