One of the hallmarks of Southern Baptists is our commitment to cooperation. We believe we are #BetterTogether. But this isn’t just a catchy slogan or trendy hashtag. It is a foundational distinctive. It’s who we are. More than 47,000 churches finding ways to partner and help each other fulfill the Great Commission locally and globally.

As much as churches were already partnering together, this pandemic has elevated the value of partnerships to even higher levels. Over the past several weeks, pastors and church leaders have faced significant challenges as they were forced to quickly shift their approach to ministry. This drastic shift left many churches in desperate need of resources and information to help them navigate these challenging days. And Southern Baptists quickly rose up to meet those needs. Help was made available to local churches from every level of denominational life including local associations, state conventions, national SBC entities, as well as other local churches.

Personally, even though I have been sheltering at home, I feel more connected to my fellow Southern Baptists now than ever before. I’m meeting with the pastors in my association via Zoom much more frequently for encouragement and brainstorming than I did before. I’m meeting with a group of fellow associational leaders from my state once a week when I used to see them two or three times per year. I’m sharing and receiving ideas and support from Southern Baptists in other parts of the country as well.

And it’s not just me. I’ve witnessed churches lending help to other churches, whether it’s assistance with recording services, loaning FM transmitters for drive-in services, or simply sharing ideas or other resources to safely return to in-person worship services. As odd as it may seem, I’ve seen a renaissance in cooperation.

But this pandemic is far from over, and churches will continue to face unique needs and challenges in the days ahead. And Southern Baptists will be right there to help. However, in order to learn how best to provide assistance for those needs, it would be useful to understand how churches have been helped thus far as well as their current needs.

Therefore, I have created a survey to discover that information. As an associational leader, the survey was originally designed to assess the effectiveness of local associations in helping their churches navigate the pandemic. However, in an effort to minimize the potential of skewed results, the survey was expanded to include all levels of denominational life.

If you would be willing to do so, please take a few minutes to complete the anonymous survey. After you’ve completed it, please share it with your fellow Southern Baptists so that we can learn how to best serve our churches in these challenging days.

The survey can be accessed here:


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