For a number of reasons, it has been quite some time since I posted on this site.  First and foremost, serving in two different ministry positions keeps one quite busy, and it certainly has been busy lately!  Second, I have been praying about the best way to utilize my little corner of the internet.  While I have enjoyed writing about ways to help encourage, equip, and engage churches in the task of the Great Commission, there are scores of other sites with some fantastic articles and resources on this topic.  Everything that I would write here can easily be found elsewhere.  Third, God has been providing an increasing number of opportunities to utilize my previous experience as a data analyst/statistician to serve the church, and I believe one of the best ways to do so is through this site.

Therefore, this site will be undergoing some changes in the very near future.  The site’s focus will still be to encourage, equip, and engage churches in the task of the Great Commission, but from a particular perspective: analytical research.  From time to time, I will conduct statistical studies and surveys to help gain insights about issues relevant to the church, and I will post the results of those studies here.  The hope is that these studies will assist church leaders as they seek to equip their churches to fulfill the Great Commission.

To kick off the new focus of the site, I will begin a three-part series of posts next week to release the results of a massive study on local Baptist associations.  I hope you will check back on Monday to read the first post.

Thank you for visiting this site in the past.  I pray that it will be helpful to you and your church in the future!

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